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COOLOUT™ 3 oz Dry Sweat + Powder The Results: - Speed up the cooling out process by soaking up sweat faster. - Achieve that superior EquiFUSE® turn out in between show classes when bathing and sponging is not possible - Transform sweaty hair into a soft, shiny and manageable coat - Avoid tiring elbow grease and drying skin irritants like rubbing alcohol - Protect against bacterial and fungal skin issues. Formula Perks: - 90% natural powder formula - Talc and Cornstarch free - Safe and recommended for daily use CoolOut™ Dry Sweat + Powder is a naturally derived fragrance free powder to absorb sweat and dampness on the equine coat. Designed for post exercise grooming, this unique formula instantly soaks up sweat and moisture leaving the coat both dry and manageable. A fast acting anti-bacterial additive creates a sheer veil on the coat, used to prevent against bacterial and fungal skin disorders. Embrace the daily benefits of a cool, dry and comfortable horse.