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Clearance - Equine Boots - PRO #H30 Splint Wrap Discontinued
The PRO H30 Splint Wrap is designed to provide full coverage protection to the splint bone, cannon bone and the inside of the fetlock. The form-fitting body is constructed of orthopedic grade neoprene assuring a snug, comfortable fit.  
Equine Boots - PRO #H35 Equine Splint Wrap
Low profile protection for the splint bone and cannon bone when no previous injuries have occurred. Easy to apply, the matched hook and loop fasteners make for a very durable protective wrap. Shock absorbing pad sewn between the body and the outer sheath.  
Equine Boots - PRO #H40 Equine Skid Boot
Using orthopedic grade neoprene, cut to fit snugly just above the hoof, you get a boot that really keeps the dirt out. V tabs make application a breeze. Burn protection is provided by a thick flexable rubberized patch. Machine washable.  
Equine Boots - PRO #H53 Reiner Skid Boot
Will not chafe, rub or irritate your horse’s legs while providing full  protection from burns. Soft, comfortable neoprene so you get a snug fit  without pulling hair or chafing. Extra thick skid cup is extremely durable.  
Equine Boots - PRO #H54 "Sharkskin" Over Reach Equine Bell Boot
Soft foam inner lining provides excellent protection to the back of the hoof while the no-turn knob makes sure it stays in place. The “cupping” design provides and excellent fit. Outer “sharkskin” covering is highly abrasion resistant.  
Equine Boots - PRO #H55 Gold Standard Over Reach Bell Boot
The latest advances in synthetic fiber technology are showcased in the  outer covering of the H55. The inner lining features a highly shock absorbent foam with a gel no-turn knob that prevents spinning while adding protection.  
Equine Boots - PRO #H50 Neoprene Equine Bell Boot
Provides protection from occasional overreach strikes. Orthopedic grade neoprene for good stretch and fit. Lined with a shock absorbing foam that absorbs more than three times the shock of competitive products. Gel no-turn knob holds the boot in place.