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Breath Smooth
Specifically designed for respiratory support and to ease symptoms of known allergens, Breathe Smooth was designed to not only treat symptoms but to support optimum lung function and maintain the integrity of a healthy respiratory tract.   We begin with our ‘foundation’; a proprietary blend of microencapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes, 100% pure bovine colostrum, amino acids and vitamins & minerals. This blend sets the stage for efficient digestion which enables proper assimilation of key nutrients and helps maintain and replenish the delicate balance in the equine gastrointestinal tract.  When the gastro tract is in optimum balance the absorption of these other select ingredients is much more efficient and they’re able to do their job. The unique formula in Breathe Smooth is most effective during times of respiratory distress, exposure to known allergens or bouts of cough. We have also had many customers tell us that it has helped support horses with the symptoms of bleeding due to small capillary break down in the respiratory tract after a demanding run. Breathe Smooth compliments your current care program supporting your horse's respiratory tract, immune function and gastro function resulting in general wellbeing.
Description Ingredients
Support Respiratory Health Support Normal Recovery After Strenuous Activity Support the Immune System Assist the Body in Combating Environmental Pollutants Help Support Normal Stamina & Endurance Advantages: A Horse that Breathes Better - Performs Better Compliments current care program All natural ingredients - No fillers Powder form
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 2 Scoops Orally Daily (20 grams) Scoop Enclosed. May be used in combination with other Smooth Run Equine formulas.