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For horses prone to high tension and anxiety, we offer Smooth Run Plus Calming. A special blend of pure ingredients has been added to the Smooth Run Plus formula to naturally address the issues of the ‘hot’ horse or the horse that has difficulty focusing while under stress.  We’ve taken the recipe for Smooth Run Plus and added key ingredients to enhance calming affects on this type of horse without ‘dulling’ or reducing their athletic abilities. Like the Smooth Run Plus we’ve blended our foundational formula of microencapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes and colostrum with amino acids, beta glucan, vitamins, minerals and joint support. This calming version also contains a unique combination of valerian root, ginger root, chamomile and other key ingredients to support calming. (See ingredients tab) 22% of the Smooth Run Plus Calming formula consists of joint support ingredients. Glucosamine sulfate, msm, yucca extract and ascorbic acid, blended with our proprietary probiotic delivery system enable optimum assimilation of these key ingredients, producing optimum results. One of the key reasons Smooth Run Plus Calming continuously stays above all other calming products on the market is because of its unique, proprietary probiotic and digestive aid delivery system. This delivery system consists of live microencapsulated probiotics, yeast culture, a wide spectrum of digestive enzymes and 100% pure colostrum, which enable optimum digestion and absorption. Without the inclusion of this proprietary system assimilation of key ingredients would not be utilized to their full extent. A majority of these factors would be eliminated through the horse’s waste system without ever being metabolized. Smooth Run Plus Calming provides a complete and balanced blend of nutrients in one simple, easy to use product, reducing the need for excessive supplementation and cost.  No more worries about ingredient duplications or imbalances, hassles with storing several products, and whether or not you are paying too much. This formula provides an excellent approach to maintaining the integrity of your horse’s delicate digestive tract, immune system, joints, tendons, connective tissue, nervous system and optimum health in general. 
Description Ingredients
Help maintain normal disposition and calmness during travel,           separation, competition or tension caused by changes in daily routine Maintain normal healthy cartilage, connective tissue and joint function Support absorption of key nutrients Help support the immune system Advantages: Compliments current care program All natural ingredients - No fillers Powder form
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 2 Scoops Orally Daily(22.5 grams) Scoop Enclosed. May be used in combination with other Smooth Run Equine Formulas