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SMOOTH COLOSTRUM (Formerly Competitive Factor) 100% Pure & Natural Bovine Colostrum Colostrum is the pre-milk liquid produced by the mammary glands of all mammals during the first 24~48 hours after birth. During this time the immune and growth factors are at their peak protecting and enhancing the health of the newborn. Colostrum contains over 37 important, natural immune factors and more than 8 growth factors that help strengthen the immune system naturally, working to promote maximum health benefits for people of all ages and creatures of all species. Bovine colostrum is the only colostrum that is considered ‘universal’ meaning it can be given safely to all animals and humans. There have been over 20,000 scientific studies and research grants performed on colostrum, and more health benefits are being discovered every day. Studies have shown that it contains powerful immune factors (Immunoglobulins, Lactoferrin, Leukocytes, Cytokines and Interferon) and numerous growth factors which help maintain immune function and support optimal health. The many beneficial factors of colostrum focus their efforts in the intestines and play an important role in supporting the entire gastrointestinal tract. The immune factors have an immediate effect, attacking pathogens in the intestines, inhibiting their reproduction and reducing their attack on the intestinal wall. In many studies colostrum has demonstrated protection of the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed by creating a barrier to organisms which, would otherwise slip through the intestinal lining and into the blood stream. Colostrum also supports cell structure, bone and connective tissue and enhances recovery after strenuous exercise. Oxidative damage which can cause tiny tears in muscle tissue is reduced therefore causing less stiffness and pain. The less damage the greater strengthening of muscles and optimal performance of the equine athlete. The natural regenerative effects of colostrum extend to nearly all structural cells of the body and can even support glucose metabolism. Studies have shown that colostrum actually helps shift fuel utilization to fat, preventing the body from burning glucose for energy thus protecting muscle tissue.
Description Ingredients
Support the Immune System Help Maintain Optimal Health Help Reduce Oxidative Damage Help Support Glucose Metabolism Help Body Cells & Tissues Support Healthy Bones & Surrounding Tissues Support Healthy Digestive Function Advantages: Compliments current care program All natural ingredients or fillers Powder form
1 - 2 Scoops Orally Daily (10 to 20 grams) 10 Gram Scoop Enclosed. May be used in combination with other Smooth Run Equine Formulas