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Support Absorption of Nutrients Support the Immune System Help Maintain Optimal Health Support Antioxidant Function Support Training & Performance Help Keep Horse in Peak Condition Support Healthy Bones and Surrounding Tissues Advantages: Compliments Current Care Program All Natural Ingredients - NO Fillers Powder Form
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 2 Scoops Orally Daily (20 grams) Scoop Enclosed. May be used in combination with other Smooth Run Equine Formulas
Smooth Foundation is exactly that; our FOUNDATION. This proprietary blend of key ingredients is the base for all of the additional formulas in our Smooth Run Equine line. Smooth Foundation is specially formulated to naturally enhance the health and well being of all horses, from foals to seniors. Designed to be a proactive and preventative approach in achieving optimum health in your horse, Smooth Foundation can be fed daily for best results with no loading dose required. Smooth Foundation is safe, effective and economical. We start with a blend of microencapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes and 100% pure bovine colostrum. This base sets the stage for efficient digestion which enables proper assimilation of nutrients and helps maintain and replenish the delicate balance in the equine gastrointestinal tract. Amino acids, Beta Glucan, yucca, vitamins, minerals and other essential ingredients are also added to complete the blend, creating a daily comprehensive approach to maintaining the health of the horses you love. Smooth Foundation is safe for mare and foal and proves to be an excellent source of extra nutrients needed for the nursing mare. Although Smooth Foundation is considered a ‘complete’ formula we recommend Smooth Run, Smooth Run Plus or PRO for optimum joint support. These additional formulas have a more comprehensive formula for equine athletes and/or arthritic conditions. 
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