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Gastro Smooth
Gastro Smooth was developed to be a proactive and preventative approach for achieving optimum health in the equine gastrointestinal tract.  Many health issues begin with an imbalance in this delicate system so with years of research behind us by our gifted microbiologist, Smooth Run Equine has developed this specialized formula to nurture, balance, replenish and support the entire gastrointestinal tract of our cherished equine partners. We begin with a proprietary blend of microencapsulated probiotics, digestive enzymes and a therapeutic dose of 100% pure bovine colostrum. Together with amino acids, beta glucan, yucca, vitamins, minerals and other key ingredients this foundation sets the stage for efficient digestion and enables proper assimilation of essential nutrients. Unlike many gastro medications and treatments, Gastro Smooth supports the restoration of essential ‘good’ bacteria which in turn supports healing and ultimately good health. Papaya, chamomile, ginger and kelp finish off this remarkable formula assuring good, wholesome nutrition.  Each of these ingredients was chosen for their amazing powers in soothing and balancing the delicate equine gut. Gastro Smooth is recommended for symptoms of gastric distress which may include; reduction in feed intake, loose stools, irritability, colic symptoms, etc.  Gastro Smooth is essential during periods of stress from injury or illness, de-worming, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment and medications in general.  Although these items are necessary at times they can contribute to the breakdown of essential flora and good bacteria in the digestive tract. Many competitive customers consider this formula indispensable while on the road ensuring their horse’s comfort away from home. For more information please see "A Papaya a Day Keeps Gastric Distress Away", "Colostrum Secrets Revealed", "Why Feed Probiotics" and "Microencapsulated Probiotics" on our articles page.
Description Ingredients
Help Reduce the Possibility of Digestive Colic Help Maintain a Healthy Intestinal Tract Help Maintain Proper Intestinal Flora & pH Support the Immune System Help Reduce Oxidative Stress Provide Antimicrobial Properties Provide Enzymes & Factors Necessary For Normal Digestion Advantages: Compliments current care program All natural ingredients - No fillers Powder form
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1 Scoop Orally Daily (20 grams) Scoop Enclosed. May be used in combination with other Smooth Run Equine formulas.