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Smooth Choice Canine
Smooth Choice Canine is a ‘complete’ formula designed to enhance the overall health and well being of your canine companion while providing essential key ingredients for joint support. This formula contains five major joint support ingredients, colostrum for immune support and a proprietary blend of microencapsulated probiotics and digestive enzymes for optimum digestive tract health.  It also includes vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other key nutrients to maintain a beautiful coat, moist skin, healthy gums & teeth and optimum performance & energy. Over the years many canine diets have been made up of soy, grains and meat by-products, which are not components of a “natural” diet. This can cause an imbalance of intestinal flora and can result in gas, bloating, intestinal and systemic toxicity, and mal-absorption of nutrients causing a host of complications and symptoms. Smooth Choice Canine contains a blend of “friendly” bacteria, digestive enzymes and colostrum to balance the digestive system, where optimum health begins. Smooth Choice Canine utilizes Smooth Run’s technology in providing an excellent product with the necessary foundation needed to maintain the health of your beloved dog. For more information please see "Canine Supplements" on our article page.
Description Ingredients
Help Support Normal Endocrine, Hormonal           and Enzyme Systems Help Manage Behavioral Problems Help Maintain Normal Emotional Balance Help Maintain Optimal Health Support Digestion and Absorption Help Maintain Proper Intestinal Flora & pH Support a Healthy Immune System Advantages: Compliments current care program All natural ingredients - No fillers Powder form Glossy coat, Healthy coat
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply 3-4 shakes per 30 pounds of body weight   3 shakes = 1 teaspoon 3 teaspoons = 1 Tablespoon   Shaker Top on 10 ounce option 1 Tablespoon scoop enclosed in 3lb & 5lb options