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PRO Calming
Description Ingredients
Maintain Normal Healthy Cartilage, Connective Tissue & Joint           Function Support Proper Balance of Normal Intestinal Flora Help Support the Immune System Support Recovery Time After Strenuous Activity Help Maintain Optimal Health Support Respiratory Health Reduce the Possibility of Digestive Colic Maintain Calmness From Stress During Times of Traveling,           Hospitalization, Moving or Other Situations Advantages: Compliments current care program All natural ingredients - No fillers Powder form
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: NEW SCOOP SIZE! 1 Scoop Orally Daily (47 grams) for performance maintenance. May increase to 2 Scoops during intense training, travel or stress. Scoop Enclosed. May be used in combination with all other Smooth Run Equine formulas.
All your favorites: Smooth Run Plus Calming, Gastro Smooth and Breathe Smooth in one easy blend, plus additional joint support" PRO Calming is our special combination product for the high caliber, performance and sport horses that are on the road competing as a  life.  Here at Smooth Run Equine we found that many of our competition customers were calling us with a combination of concerns and needs for their performance horses.  The demands on these horses often times produce special health care issues and their owners  want to do whatever it takes to maintain their health and ultimately their value by covering all the bases.   Many of these customers were buying several of our formulas for enhanced basic health maintenance, gastro support, joint support, respiratory support and most importantly, immune support.  Thus, the idea for the PRO Calming was born.  We wanted a formula that would address all of these health issues and make it more convenient for the human counterpart, especially on the road. We’ve combined the Smooth Run Plus Calming, Gastro Smooth and Breathe Smooth in an appropriate formulation to make an all encompassing blend to support the extra demands on the performance horse.  It’s not necessarily a ‘better’ product; it’s just ‘bigger’.  We’ve increased the levels of our proprietary, microencapsulated probiotic/digestive enzyme blend and added extra joint support along with other key ingredients to produce this optimum blend. Many horses do not need the heightened level of ingredients in the PRO Calming, but if you find your performance horse showing symptoms of stress, both physical and mental you may be missing something.  With the PRO Calming you get it all! Please read our product pages for Smooth Run Plus Calming, Gastro Smooth and Breathe Smooth to get more detailed information on each formula that is included in the PRO Calming. Also, please note that the suggested serving size is twice the amount of our other formulas, 40 gm as opposed to 20 gm.  The 40 gm serving size is necessary to get appropriate amounts of the combined ingredients.